You may consider a small donation to keep the event running, it actually costs me actual real-life dollars just to send all the emails and server hosting!  I additionally use a portion of the money to assist with rare but particularly egregious flake-outs.  Even the smallest dollar amount helps, and while the idea of a "pay in" subscription model was floated, I'd much rather operate on donations from those willing than potentially locking out those that can't afford the added expense.  Any leftover dough buys terrain or stuff for the school club I run and absolutely not support my drinking habit.

– Andrew

If it's within your means, then a direct donation helps to cover the costs of missed gifts and the server/cloud costs:

The easiest and least painful way to support Hoho, is to click on one of these three links before buying from them (they're also some of the cheapest places to buy from too):