Affiliate Links & FAQ

Supporting Hohohobbyvices

Just seeing your lovely little faces lighting up on Xmas morning is a wonderful reward, but it does cost to keep the Hoho lights on. Whether clicking on affiliate links, helping to cover missed gifts - or even donating cash-money - any little help is appreicated!

The easiest and least painful way to support Hoho, is to click on one of these three links before buying from them (they're also some of the cheapest places to buy from too):

If it's within your means, then a direct donation helps to cover the costs of missed gifts and the server/cloud costs:


The majority (nearly every single issue) has been one of three issues, so to help people here’s a run down.

1) most people have signed up using a different email to the one they’re trying to login with. Ensure you logout, even go into private mode before logging in with your other accounts to figure out which you used.

2) “But I signed up!” - a number of people haven’t completed the form, or not clicked submit, so haven’t actually submitted data. We’re finding a solution to help the handful of these cases out. Open a case to discuss.

3) A handful of people demonstrated they can’t follow basic instructions and ignored the very clearly stated one. “Do not change the email address. Do not change the subscriber ID. If either are missing, stop, contact us before proceeding”. They took matters into their own hands and entered any old crap into the two fields. Contact us with the error codes so we can attempt to fix.

Not Participating?

To clarify, receiving an email (like this one) does not mean you may necessarily be participating this year. If you have signed up for Hohobbyvices, you’ll receive all emails. To participate in a specific year’s event, you will need to complete the data form. If you haven’t done that, you’re not participating. Not sure? Just login using the email address you get sent notifications to, and check your profile.

As always, any question or queries, head over to Discord for help.

-- McCoy